Thursday, August 6, 2009

Survive 2012 with a Survival Condo?

This company buys old missile silos and transforms them into underground condos built to survive all kinds of disasters namely the 2012 event.

Survival Condos appear to be a throw back to the 1960's bomb shelter of the Cuban Missile Crisis Days. I was reluctant to find out much they really cost when I read this:

Persons interested in purchasing one of these units are advised of the following:

1. This is a high-end facility that requires substantial financial resources.
2. Anticipated completion date for this facility is September 2010.
3. Each condo unit can have a maximum occupancy of eight people (members) who must be identified.
4. You will be required to sign a release document that authorizes us to run full background investigation on ALL authorized members.
5. Ownership requires mandatory annual training and familiarization visits of all members.

For those of you interested or bold enough to find out:


  1. just watched Jesse Ventura last night going round these missile silos and if was completely disgusted that the Government are still now admitting now that anything is going to happen. Its a disgrace. Im heading off to the Mountains when the shit hits the fan. Anyone in any of these silos are only going to be completely controlled by the chosen ELITE if they choose to go this way.

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