Friday, August 7, 2009

2012 Terra: Aspartame & Monsanto

From my earlier post on the Svalbard Seed Farm I quoted Henry Kissinger.

Henry Kissinger (circa 1970's) -

"If you control the oil you control the country. If you control the food you control the population".

The Polar Shift premise in to soon to be released blockbuster movie "2012" should be the least of our worries. Aspartame a.k.a NutraSweet is killing us as I write this post. Monsanto the same company which developed Agent Orange is also the creator of NutraSweet. NutraSweet is in almost everything we eat or drink even though it has the most health related complaints to the FDA of any food product out there. Aspartame is so bad that it needed approval 26 times in the last 23 years.

Wiki -

The 1940s saw Monsanto become a leading manufacturer of plastics, including polystyrene, and synthetic fibers. Since then, it has remained one of the top 10 US chemical companies. Other major products have included the herbicides 2,4,5-T, DDT, and Agent Orange used primarily during the Vietnam War as a defoliant agent (later proven to be highly carcinogenic to any who come into contact with the solution), the excitotoxin[dubious – discuss] aspartame (NutraSweet), bovine somatotropin (bovine growth hormone (BST), and PCBs[1]. Also in this decade, Monsanto operated the Dayton Project, and later Mound Laboratory in Miamisburg, Ohio, for the Manhattan Project, the development of the first nuclear weapons and, after 1947, the Atomic Energy Commission

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