Friday, September 11, 2009

Osama Bin Laden Could Be in China?

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The Wakhan Corridor is a narrow strip of land connecting Afghanistan directly to China. The mountains surrounding Wakhan are some of the highest and most rugged in the world making the terrain well-suited for guerrilla fighting and any army entering the corridor would be vulnerable to ambushes from the mountains.

Many however are saying that the Wakhan Corridor is not an option for Osama Bin Ladden as the area directly south of the corridor is heavily populated with Tajiks who are enemies of the Taliban. But what if Bin Ladden was able to break through the Tajik Blockade and reach Wakhan? What if his secret base is in China? Could the U.S. be searching too far south? We all know how sensitive the Chinese are about people infringing on their territory. Also since China is the number one financier of our War On Terrorism, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that China would have little interest in turning him over to the U.S. or getting rid of the guy they are getting rich on?

China Will Rule the World in 2012

The Chinese own roughly 739 Billion or 24% of the U.S. Foreign Debt. What this means is that Uncle Sam is part Chinese. The Chinese not only finance our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but also help keep the American Economy going. The U.S. Debt to China will only increase with each coming year. This is just something new to think about as we approach 2012.

From Wiki-

Foreign Ownership

A traditional defense of the national debt is that Americans "owe the debt to themselves", but that is becoming increasingly less accurate. The US debt in the hands of foreign governments was 25% of the total in 2007,[21] virtually double the 1988 figure of 13%.[22] Despite the declining willingness of foreign investors to continue investing in US dollar denominated instruments as the US dollar fell in 2007,[23] the U.S. Treasury statistics indicate that, at the end of 2006, foreigners held 44% of federal debt held by the public.[24] About 66% of that 44% was held by the central banks of other countries, in particular the central banks of Japan and China. In May 2009, the US owed China $772 billion.[25] In total, lenders from Japan and China held 47% of the foreign-owned debt.[5] This exposure to potential financial or political risk should foreign banks stop buying Treasury securities or start selling them heavily was addressed in a recent report issued by the Bank of International Settlements which stated, "'Foreign investors in U.S. dollar assets have seen big losses measured in dollars, and still bigger ones measured in their own currency. While unlikely, indeed highly improbable for public sector investors, a sudden rush for the exits cannot be ruled out completely."[26]

Saturday, August 29, 2009

2012 & Asian Carp

In the early 70’s catfish farmers in Mississippi and Arkansas brought in the Asian Carp to help filter their ponds. The Floods of 1993 came and the rest is history. The Asian Carp has now spread and infested many river systems in the US and will soon enter the Great Lakes and Canada.

Asian carp are extremely problematic because of their rapid growth rate. They soon get too large for any predators and go relatively unchecked eating half their body weight in a given day. Because they are filter feeders they attack the food chain from the bottom meaning that they consume the plankton and small fish which are the food of the larger fish. The end result is the destruction of river ecosystems wherever they go.

So how does the Asian Carp relate to 2012 and the Apocalypse. Well let us first think about man. The world population will soon reach 7 billion probably sometime before 2012. Similar to the Asian Carp, man has no predators and he destroys ecosystems wherever they go. Mankind is also gluttonous and greedy.

Man is to the world what the Asian Carp is to the river systems of America. This is just another thing to think about as we approach December 21, 2012.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Swine Flu Making the Jump to Birds

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If pigs could fly there would be barn yards in the sky. Who would have ever thought it possible but just yesterday it happened? Pigs can fly or rather the nasty flu they carry can now fly on the wings of birds they infect.

With the recent development, we are all in trouble. It will not be long when the wild migratory bird population gets infected as well and starts spreading the swine flu. But wait it gets better. Scientists are saying that soon the Swine Flu which is a hybrid of the Human Flu and Old Swine Flu will join forces so to speak with the very lethal Avian Flu.

Just remember these 3 simple facts.

1) The Swine Flu is very contagious and easily spread but the survival rate is very high. Only around 8% of the people infected die.
2) The Avian Flu is very lethal meaning that if you get it is about an 80% chance of mortality. However Avian Flu is not as contagious and less easily spread.
3) More people die every year from the Human Flu than the Swine Flu and Avian Flu combined.

Since the news Swine Flu has already made the jump to human, a new “Super Flu” combining Human, Swine, and Avian DNA be not long off.

May be December 21, 2012 will bring about a pandemic that will kill billions.

Excerpts from

Chile said Friday that tests show swine flu has jumped to birds, opening a new chapter in the global epidemic.

Top flu and animal-health experts with the United Nations in Rome and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta were monitoring the situation, but said the infected turkeys have suffered only mild effects, easing concern about a potentially dangerous development.

So far, the virus — a mixture of human, pig and bird genes — has proved to be very contagious but no more deadly than common seasonal flu. However, virus experts fear a more dangerous and easily transmitted strain could emerge if it combines again with avian flu, which is far more deadly but tougher to pass along.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Vatican City Bunker

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There are rumors of a Vatican City Bunker. No one knows for sure if the bunker really exists but there is probably something beneath Vatican City. Since the Vatican is a state within Rome, it is safe to assume that the catacombs Rome catacombs must also run under the Vatican. And it is not out of the realm of possibility that the people running operations at Vatican somewhere along the way took what was beneath them and converted it into a fortified structure to protect the Pope and his people in a time of crisis.
People all over the world build shelters underneath or next to their homes. Why would the most powerful religious figure in the world not have a shelter as well?

Besides if there was a secret underground bunker beneath the Vatican, would they really advertise it to the World?

Fron James Martin of

Perhaps you've been to Rome. You've probably seen the Coliseum, the Forum, a dozen or so churches, and the Vatican.
Well, if so, you've only scratched the surface.

Underground, beneath the Coliseum lies a rabbit-warren of rooms where the death defying spectacles were prepared. Beneath that, archaeologists have excavated the skulls of tigers, giraffes, bears, and other animals used in the shows.

And those churches you've visited for their renaissance art most likely harbor pagan secrets below their floors as well.

Rome is a fascinating adventure waiting for individuals and families to experience all the wonderments that are all around, however, many people do not realize that there are many treasures to be found in underground Rome as well.

For an unusual and exciting tour, underground Rome has many attractions that many do not ever get the chance to embrace. With Rome Tour you will be able to experience underground Rome with your own personal tour guide so you can enjoy all there is to see while hearing all the tales and history of the various treasures lying underneath the ancient city of Rome.

The Roman Coliseum is a major attraction for visitors to Rome, but did you know under the Coliseum are various rooms where the animals and even slaves were kept before they were sent above for their daring battles. Skulls of various animals have been discovered that has allowed visitors to visualize the death defying battles once you learn the skulls included tigers, bears, and even giraffes. As you travel through the various underground rooms, you will be able to feel the atmosphere of those about to do battle in the arena, as your private tour guide walks you through the history.

Even underneath many of the churches of Rome are hidden rooms that have held secrets of the past for centuries. Underneath the Basilica of San Clemente, you will find two levels of secrets. The first one will embrace a plan for the creation of a basilica during the 4th century and the next level is a building that was created in the 1st century.

All over Rome, there are many such hidden treasures. Instead of demolishing the older buildings throughout the centuries, other buildings were placed on top of the older ones building Rome up instead of out. There are centuries of hidden secrets in many homes, churches, and other buildings all across Rome due to this astonishing feat. Not all of the treasures have been found and many are not open to the public.

A few other underground places to visit include the Crypta Balbi which will allow you to see the various layer of the history of Rome and learn how all of this came to be. You can even visit the Museo Nazionale Romano to learn about the various layers you encounter and the history hidden inside.

St. Peter’s Basilica may be the most popular underground attraction. Underneath the Vatican there is an entire city, however, excavation of many of the treasures may never be discovered as the authorities of the Vatican are watching closely. It is believed that Saint Peter’s tomb is home beneath the basilica.

The Catacombs on the Appian Way is an underground cemetery that draws quite a bit of attention from visitors as well.

Remember, if you truly wish to embrace underground Rome, it is in your best interest to hire a personal tour guide that can provide you with an in-depth tour without standing in the long lines. Explore the history of Rome from beneath the ground up. It will surely be an adventure of a lifetime.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reader's Digest Bankruptcy

The recent filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection by Reader’s Digest is another sign that print media is dying and probably for good. Besides who needs print media when we have the internet. We get everything we need to know from the internet. Who needs to mess with a magazine or newspaper when we can just power on our laptops and bam everything we need is right there. It is not hard to see that one day soon everything we read on paper will be read on our computer screens via the internet.

That is exactly the problem. We have become too reliant on the internet for our information. The ease and convenience of the internet has made it so successful and so closely tied to our daily lives.

Hypothetically let’s say a virus that can’t be stopped or a group of people bring down the internet. You are probably thinking that will never happen and I am being ridiculous.

Well in 2007 that very thing did happen in the Union of Myanmar also known as Burma. The military junta cut off internet access to the entire county in an attempt to stop news and images of the atrocities from reaching the rest of the world. If Myanmar, a country of roughly 60 million can be cut off from the rest of the world then why is it not possible for internet shut down to happen on a global scale? Think about it. It is possible.

This is just another thing to think about as we approach December 2012. May be the internet will crash leaving the world in the dark. Where will we be then?

This video was taken before the internet access was cut.

Myanmar Internet Shut Down, But We Can Still Watch From Space
from the it's-a-small-world dept

As previously reported, the pro-democracy rallies in Myanmar have been closely covered by regular reports coming out of the embattled nation via cellphone, email and even YouTube. The government's attempts to try and pollute the web with their own propaganda must not have worked, since on Friday morning, the government shut off Internet access, cut phone lines and confiscated mobile phones in an attempt to control the outflow of information about the rallies. Though this may have slowed reports, it's very difficult for the government to completely clamp down, so some news reports are still getting out through mobile phones and a few satellite uplinks to the Internet. Even if the junta is able to completely shut things down, events can still be monitored from satellites, which are providing evidence of potential human rights abuses conducted by the government. Now that its next actions are being played out under a vigilant global eye, hopefully Myanmar officials will make the right choices in the coming days.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

District 9

The movie starts off 28 years in the past as a documentary style series of interviews explaining the stranding and later quarantine of an extra-terrestrial work force in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The movie then flash forwards to present day where the main character Wikus (Sharlto Copely) is put in charge of moving the burgeoning alien population now 1.8 million to District 10. In the process he accidentally activates an alien device, which infects him and causes his body to mutate. This mutation allows him to operate the alien weaponry. Before his company MNU is able to extract his DNA, Wikus escapes to the only place he can, District 9.

There he befriends an Alien by the name of Chris Johnson. Johnson and Wikus make a deal. Wikus will help Johnson break into the MNU to steal the fuel needed to power the stranded alien spaceship so Johnson and his people can return home. In return Johnson promises to fix Wikus’ DNA so that he can become human again.

For what happens next, just go and see the movie. Don’t worry about wasting your money because District 9 was number 1 at the Box Office according to the New York Times and was produced by Peter Jackson.