Thursday, July 30, 2009

2012 Movie Trailer HD Version

This trailer is much better that the one posted below. So enjoy. The Cosmic Alignment talked about in 2012 also happened roughly 3600 years ago. If we subtract back 3600 years from 2012 we come up with 1588 BC. For our purposes lets round up to 1600 BC.

I Wiki'd 1600 BC and here is what I got:

Events and trends
Egypt — End of Fourteenth Dynasty.
The creation of one of the oldest surviving astronomical documents, a copy of which was found in the Babylonian library of Ashurbanipal: a 21-year record of the appearances of Venus (which the early Babylonians called Nindaranna).
The end of the Indus Valley civilization.
The overthrow of the ruling Amorite dynasty in Aleppo, Syria.
The date of the earliest discovered rubber balls.
Egypt conquered by Asian tribes known as the Hyksos — see History of ancient Israel and Judah.
1600 BC — Shang Dynasty instituted in China.
1600 BC — Tumulus culture started.
c. 1600 BC — Nebra skydisk created.
c. 1600 BC — The foundations of the Olmec civilization in Southern Mexico.
c. 1600 BC — Cycladic civilization ends.
c. 1600 BC–1550 BC — "Mask of Agamemnon" Funerary mask, from the royal tombs at Mycenae, Greece, is made. Grave Circle A. It is now at National Archaeological Museum of Athens.
c. 1600 BC–1200 BC — Hittite (Anatolia) iron tools and weapons.
c. 1600 BC – 1200 BC — Tiryns, Ancient Greece, is inhabited.
c. 1600 BC - Kings and princes on the mainland Greece have begun building large aboveground burial places commonly referred to as beehive tombs because of their rounded, conical shape.
c. 1600 BC — Hittites establish capital at Hattushash (near modern Boghazkeui, Turkey).

Wow a lot of things seemed to have been going on. If a global calamity happened 3600 years ago none of the peoples listed above seemed to know much about it. I guess they never had the History Channel or a Movie Trailer to tell them about it. They were too busy going about their daily lives and making history in the process.

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